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You’re staying on a piece of history. Watson Road is U.S Highway 66, or more famously known as “Route-66”, now often refereed to as Historic Route-66!

Route-66 was the nation’s first all-weather highway linking Chicago to Los Angeles. Started in 1926, Route-66 was the shortest, year-round route between the Midwest and the Pacific Coast, reducing the driving distance by more than 200 miles.  Want to learn more? Here’s some places you can explore along the super information highway:

nationalparkservielogo-100In 1999, in response to the need to preserve the rich history of Route-66, congress passed an act to create The Route-66 Corridor Preservation Program. The program is administered by The National Park Service and collaborates with the private and public sectors to address the great road’s preservation needs. Learn more about the program and The Mother Road at the program’s website.

historic66-icon2The Historic Route-66 web site is dedicated to providing free information for those who want to learn more about the great highway. The site features a Chicago to Los Angeles, turn-by-turn road guide, discussion forum, maps, travel guides and more! Visit their site.

postcardsJoe Sonderman is one of the foremost authorities on Route 66.  He has been traveling this national treasure since childhood.  He has collected over 5,000 vintage postcards of the highway – and written several books about Route 66. Visit

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The National Historic Route 66 Federation is a non-profit organization dedicated to directing the public’s attention to the importance of U.S. Highway Route 66 in America’s cultural heritage. Visit the site.