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Green Engage ProgramGreen isn’t just in our logo. HI66 is also a proud member of the Intercontinental Hotels sustainability management program called Green Engage.

By meeting and exceeding these standards we’re passionately doing our part to help maintain and improve the big hotel we all are staying in called Earth.

Here’s what we do


 Pictured above: Remodeled Suite, Rooftop and Corridor at the new Holiday Inn Route 66

recycle logoOur newly remodeled rooms feature flooring which contains 50% recycled content while retaining the natural beauty of wood.

Not only is this choice more hygenic than carpeting, our floors are 100% recyclable so they will live on as other consumer products once they’ve lived out their lives beneath your feet.

Solar Energy IconWe’ve installed solar panels on our rooftop which has dramatically reduced our reliance on the electrical grid.

We have a 50 kW Solar Array which generated 66,670 kwH of power last year.

To put that into less scientific terms, that’s the equivalent to not driving an average car 112,293 miles.

Or, how about this cool statistic.  Our solar panels offset the equivalent of having to burn 49,998 pounds of coal!


Just because we’re making our own power doesn’t mean we can be wasteful. Our new LED lighting uses a fraction of energy compared to traditional bulbs.

We’ve also replaced our heating and cooling (HVAC) systems with high efficiency units.

water conservation droplet

Water conservation isn’t the exclusive concern of our friends down Route 66 in California, we also take it just as serious!

In recognizing the importance of this precious resource, we’ve installed low-flow toilets and shower heads in our guest rooms.


Here’s what you can do!

  • Use the recycling bins located throughout the hotel. We accept newspapers, glass, plastic, aluminum and steel.
  • Hang your towels up to dry and reuse.
  • Use the card in your room to indicate to housekeeping that you would like your bed made without replacing the linens.

Wherever your travels take you, thank you for staying with us and doing your part to protect the environment!

Holdiay Inn - Solar Panel